Aesthetic treatments

To see a familiar face is reassuring, you immediately know who you have in front of you and facial expressions betray the mood of a friend, colleague or family member.

A deformity can occur after an accident or as a result of a congenital defect such as a cleft lip.

Fortunately, an adequate recovery with predictable results belongs to the possibilities today.

Sometimes an external appearance is simply aesthetically disturbing or the inevitable natural aging does not go harmoniously.

In that case, intervention can be made, often a surgical procedure is not necessary or can be postponed by injections with fillers, botox or chemical peels.

Subtle operations

Today there is a trend towards less radical, subtle interventions. The combination of surgery, skin rejuvenation by laser treatment and a botox treatment leads in many cases to balanced results that rejuvenate your face in a subtle and balanced way. Moreover, you can get back to work much faster than with a classic facelift.

The best concerns

Dr. Philippe Ehlinger is trained in oral, jaw and facial surgery and in the plastic surgery of the face. He knows the structure of both face and skull through and through. This way he can properly assess the effect an intervention will have on your appearance.

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