a radiant smile in a harmonious and youthful face, led by Dr Philippe Ehlinger, recognized specialist in oral, jaw and facial surgery

Doctor Philippe Ehlinger


Philippe Ehlinger graduated as a medical doctor at the University of Antwerp in 1988 with great distinction. He also obtained the following diplomas: licentiate in dentistry and postgraduate in business economics.

He is currently writing a thesis on Egyptian art, as a final project for a graduate course in art history.

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Deeper beauty

Whereas traditional surgeons concentrate on the skin and subcutaneous soft tissue, a face surgeon also has an eye for your deeper beauty. Moreover, he always takes into account the bone structure of the face.

Total harmony

In this way, he never loses the total picture from view during a beauty intervention. And he brings your face skeleton into harmony with your face and vice versa. Because what you ultimately see on the outside is partly shaped by what lies beneath your skin.

Radiant smile

And to complete the picture completely. Philippe Ehlinger has close contacts with specialized dentists and dental technicians. Thanks to this teamwork you are assured of the right advice to put a radiant smile on your lips. Literally and figuratively.

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